Get Your Dream Body In 90-Days With Just A Jump Rope, No Gym Membership, & 5x 30-Minute Workouts Per Week! 
Get Your Dream Body In 90-Days With Just A Jump Rope, No Gym Membership, & 5x 30-Minute Workouts Per Week! 
The JRD90 Program 
Hi, we’re Dan Witmer and Brandon Epstein AKA The Jump Ropes Dudes! 

Do you lack the time, knowledge, motivation, or gym membership to get and maintain your dream body? 

You’re not alone, but you are in the right place! 

Our 90-day rapid weight loss program helps you lose weight, get fit, and become a jump rope master all in one go. 
All you need is 
30-minutes per day
It’s fast, furious, fun, and can be fitted into anyone’s routine no matter what commitments you have, jobs you do, or places you need to be. You get follow-along videos from us telling you exactly what you need to do, when, and why. 

Plus, the only piece of “equipment” you need is a jump rope and your own bodyweight which is FREE - that is it! With no obstacles or excuses in your way, any transformation is possible. The results our clients, of all shapes, sizes, and genetic PROVE IT: 
Just Some Of The 1000’s Of People We’ve Helped Go Through Weight Loss Transformations They Thought Were Impossible…
Kathy Lost 70 Lbs
Will Lost 40 Lbs
Gisela Lost 26 Lbs
Sourabh Lost 68 Lbs
Everything You’ll Get When You Sign-Up 
(Jump Rope Not Included!) 

5x 30-Minute Fat Loss Workouts Per Week 

The workouts are super easy to follow along, no matter what your starting ability. They’ll get more intense and challenging as you start to feel fitter, stronger, and more focused on your transformation, but they’ll always be just 30-minutes long. 

Roadmap To Getting Weight Loss Results 

You’ll get access to our program’s membership area, which contains more information about the individual workouts with videos from us explaining everything in detail. 

60+ Page PDF Workout 

We don’t want you to just build your muscle, tone, and strength, but your knowledge around it too! In this Workout Guide, you’ll get everything laid out, so you can follow along!

This is an alternative for people who like to set up their own exercise timers and don’t like following videos.

Jump Rope & 
Bodyweight Demos

To help you stay safe and injury-free, we have demos to demonstrate how to jump rope and do bodyweight exercises safely. Both are a skill and will take time to master 100%. 

But, these demos ensure you get off on the right foot, as after all, it’s not every day you jump rope to lose body fat, right?! 
Plus, You’ll Also Get Coaching & Accountability From The JRD 90 Community! 
The whole point of this program is to challenge you to dig deep and discover your dream body. It’s going to be tough, but it’s also going to be so worth it if you stick with it. To help you create a lasting change in your health and fitness, we’ve created both a supportive community for you to thrive in, and a DEDICATED coaches to keep you on track!
When you join today, you’ll get: 
  • Unlimited Access to Online Community
  • ​Your Dedicated JRD Weight Loss Coaches Steve And Kathy 
  • ​Daily Support + Accountability From BOTH
The Kind Of People That Benefit Most From The JRD90 Program
The program is designed to build endurance, tone muscles, and substantially reduce body fat all with 30-minutes efforts 5x a week.

The program will work for anybody if they’re willing to put the work into it…

It’s that simple! 

We’ve had clients of all shapes and sizes give their all to the program, and get it all back in terms of both their mental and physical transformation. 

Whether you just want to tone up, or are looking for a full weight loss transformation, this program is powerful enough to make it happen. 

Plus, seeing as it’s just 30-minutes a day AND you only need a jump rope…

You can do this anywhere and at any time! 

It’s perfect if you’re a busy parent or have a busy job or lifestyle. 
If You Don’t See Results, We Don’t Want Your Money! 
If you complete the 90-days, and for any reason aren’t fully satisfied with the results you get, you can get a full 100% refunded - no questions askedYou have nothing to lose with this program, except body fat, AND the feeling that you’d never be able to achieve your dream body! 
Special Offer: Get 15% Off If You Sign Up Today 
 JRD 90 is usually $147.00, however, for the time you’re on this page only, you can get LIFETIME access for just $125! 
It’s a chance to lose weight for LESS.