SHREDDED NINJA - Fat Loss Workout Plan
No Gym Required. Do It Anywhere. Burn Up To 537 Calories in 30-mins.
Sculpt a V-Cut Physique with Visible Abs Using Only a Rope & Your Body
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JRD believes in creating plans for you that are simple, fun, and functional.
... Simple is sustainable to #DoTheThing every day.

... Fun because going to the gym with the same old bodybuilding routine gets dull.

... Functional, so you’re athletic like a fighter or an NBA shooting guard.

And no matter how much fat you have to lose, a fat-loss plan should be designed in a way where you feel like you want to do the program and not feel like you have to! 

Most workout plans fail. Not because they don’t work, it’s because they're boring, repetitive, and cumbersome. 
Especially when you’re taking out 2-hours or more a day plus factor in driving to the gym (and battle traffic), changing, training, and driving home. Which makes it hard for most people to maintain a routine to build the body they want.

We went through the grind of going to the gym 6x a week, and some days we’d do a 2 hour a sessions at the gym, to lose 60-70 pounds each ourselves. We were sick of forcing ourselves to stay interested doing something that became dull really quick. There had to be a better way to lose fat and get the sought-after V-Cut look.

So when you look in the mirror, you can clearly see the muscle separation between your chest and shoulders. And your upper body and Abs both reflect the V shape of a swimmer but chiseled like Bruce Lee.
Welcome to JRD’s Shredded Ninja Workout Plan.
The most efficient program you can do to burn fat using the most efficient exercise… The jump rope.
This exercise alone will elevate your heart rate quicker than any other exercise, and when your heart is pumping quicker, it means more blood is moving to supply your muscles with more energy for your body to use. And the more energy it needs the more calories you will burn. 

In fact, Business Insider named Jump Rope workouts the king of burning calories within an hour vs. 39 other exercises. 

And Shredded Ninja contains a focused plan of Jump rope workouts, mixed with bodyweight workouts to guarantee you’re also hitting all muscle groups for maximal fat burning.
In our own struggle, we needed a program that was quick and efficient, so we don’t waste time and get maximal results. 
Like the Ninjas in ancient Japan, who were elite athletes, not only on the battlefield but in all environments. They were able to leap walls taller than themselves, strong enough to pull themselves up and over tree branches, move quickly when infiltrating buildings as spies, and also “get the job done” quickly when they engaged in combat as assassins.

Their biggest advantage? They were rebels, not bound by the Samurai code. It gave them the freedom to question, think, try, and test different ways to get things done simpler and faster. Rather than “doing it the way it’s always been done.” 
We questioned the way current “get shredded programs” are built.
 Do we really need to workout for 2 hours at the gym, 5x a week? 
 Do we need to run 5-8 miles a day, 3x a week… or more?
 Could it be simpler but fun?
 Could it be fun but not a fad?
 And because we want more out of our workout plan, can it be all three? Simple, fun and functional?
The answer is yes.
Shredded Ninja workouts are designed for 30-minutes, BUT if you did it in an hour, you can burn up to 1074 calories. If you wanted to burn the same amount of calories running, you’d have to run a fast 8 miles (or 12.9km) in 1-hour.
Proven. Tested. And Living It.
This plan is proven by our own journey of collectively losing 130+ pounds, PLUS members of JRD Nation you will see below.

But before we released Shredded Ninja, we wanted to ensure the results are repeatable for the REAL PERSON! 

Because we understand you might have done other programs and have failed to get the body you envisioned yourself in. It’s most likely those programs are built for specific people with a particular lifestyle and fitness level.

So during the design process, we made sure program is designed for people who:
 Live busy lives.

 Want to keep it simple and fun.

Need something they can do 

We went through the most significant transformations in JRD Nation with members who lost 10 to 100 pounds and saw their Abs for the first time. Then with a fine-tooth comb, we dove deeper. We reverse engineered the specific types of workouts and exercises they’ve done with us and compared it to our original plan.
And the result… a carefully crafted 12-week fat-loss plan with rotating styles of workouts each week to work your big muscle groups and increase the rate of how you burn fat by jacking your heart rate up, making you sweat faster to incinerate more fat bringing you closer to the body you want each day.
Here’s a peek at what the 12-week Shredded Ninja program looks like:
 5 days of rotating workouts that include Endurance, HIIT, Upper and Lower body workouts, which will burn from 534 - 1074 calories and kill boredom!
 1 recovery day to prevent back, hip, and shin injuries.
 100 exercise demos and rope tricks to keep it interesting.
 Private coaching group dedicated to only fat loss.
Best of all… all you need is your rope, and you can do the workouts anywhere.
You can go as intense as you want or start out with only 10-15 minutes. It’s adaptable to your level (we have an 80 year old who’s done it) even if you’ve tried multiple programs at the gym but failed, or if you’re advanced in your fitness, you can still challenge yourself. (we still do these style of workouts to this day!)

Workouts For The Busy Modern Guy…

Who can’t be bothered spending 2 hours at the gym 5x a week plus travel time. Instead, all you need is a rope and your bodyweight to start building your physique.

These specific jump rope and bodyweight workouts will melt the fat off your body. Because whole body workouts mixed with the jump rope will get your blood to racing throughout your entire body, it challenges your heart rate within minutes and stimulates the most potent six-pack building hormone called — HGH. And when your body can produce more of this hormone, it will rapidly flatten your stomach versus traditional workouts.

In fact, in a Harvard study on how many calories men can burn in a 1-hour weight lifting session, they found on average it was about 180 - 260 calories… this is 1-hour of pumping iron!

So would you trade your travel time + the time to change + the time to wait for equipment if your gym is crowded + the drive home?

For — 30-minutes of a workout in Shredded Ninja that can be done on your driveway, in the park, down the road, or wherever you are? And... burn ~4-5x MORE calories than traditional weight lifting.

For the advanced folks, if you like to work hard, you can even cut it down to a 15-minute intense session and burn more calories during the time it takes others to drive to the gym.
No more playing the mental tennis game and debate if you should go to the gym today during a sunny day when you want to hang with your buds.
No more having to fight the voices in your head when driving home from work after a long day and give yourself the logical reasons of why you “should workout” vs. driving home and kicking back. With these workouts all you need to do is put on your shoes, grab your rope, open the door (or do it at home if you have a high enough ceiling.) and DoTheThing!

 All workouts are designed to do anywhere convenient for you:
 In the park.
 On your driveway.
 In a parking lot.
 On the basketball court.
 You can be anywhere to do these workouts...and we prove it in the exercise demos.
...And while others are driving, biking, busing, or walking to the gym. By the time they get there and change into their gym closes, you’ve already burned over 537 calories or more.
Heck, wear a Fitbit (that tracks heart rate) or Apple Watch to see how much you can burn every day! This program will bring you closer to the body you want with extra time to do what you want in your life.

If you can do this for 30 minutes a day, 5x a week. In 12-weeks you will be Shredded like these JRD Nation members who went through the program.

Shredded Ninja Transformations
What You Get In The Shredded Ninja Program
12-weeks of dedicated workouts to shred fat
A whole progression plan laid out for you for 12 weeks, so you don’t have to think or guess how and what to sculpt the body you want. These workouts can be made as challenging as you want or as easy as you want, it’s flexible enough to adapt to your level.
100 how-to video demos on exercises
With the carefully laid out workout plan, we have direct links to exercise demos, so you know you’re doing the exercise the way it's intended for maximal results. You’ll see us do it in parking lots, driveways, and parks because it’s fun to workout anywhere and any time.
5 different sweat inducing, fat burning workouts per week 
Each day, for 12-weeks, is different jump rope and bodyweight workouts. You are guaranteed to hit all major muscle groups to burn more fat. The workouts have been designed to be fun, efficient, and done anywhere. These are the same workouts we do to stay shredded.
1 injury prevention day per week
Jump rope is a low impact exercise, but we want to create extra insurance, so you can continue to #DoTheThing. You’ll find videos on stretches and specific warm-ups on these days to keep your back, hips, and shins, healthy and pain-free.
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