Who Has Time For 6 Tasteless Meals A Day To Lose Fat?
We Built A Simple Meal System To Get All Your Fat Burning Macros In Two Kickass Meals.
Eliminate the hassle of force feeding yourself bland meals or worrying about obnoxious meal timing. You can worry less about the details of nutrition and get potent fat burning results every day to uncover your Abs underneath.
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Immediate Lifetime Access to the Entire System
Halfway through our journey trying to lose a collective 130 lbs, we realized getting lean was a chore!
...Dealing with meal prepping for hours on Sunday, fighting cravings & hunger, and forcefully eating 6-7 bland meals every 2-3 hours. Worst of all, when life got busy and you’re on and off these fat-loss plans our weight fluctuated 5-10 lbs each time.  

This was not enjoyable or sustainable.
We were sick and tired of magic formulas, the hassle of complicated meal plans, and various meal-timing tricks restricting us from having a social life and hanging out with our friends.
Put it this way — We did the things we hated and forced ourselves to do it because we thought this was how you got the cutlines and a six-pack. 

We couldn’t find any — other — way that removed the stuff we hated.
So we asked ourselves… Is there an easier, faster, and better way to do this?

We looked back at everything we enjoyed doing and ONLY took important parts that made the most impact on our fat loss but didn’t restrict us so much from living the life we wanted.
We set the program up into simple steps and also make your decision processes easier, more efficient, and effective as jumping rope for fat loss. 

It’s the same program that allowed us to continue to #DoTheThing and get rid of all the extra fat off our bodies to finally get the abs we have and maintain it 24/ 7/ 365.

 Simple Is Sustainable — Period.
We’ll be honest. We’d rather be outside with our friends than meal prepping in the kitchen all day, and we knew there were people out there too who felt the same. 

The principles inside the JRD Nutrition Program use a Simple Meal System, which will save you time and remove the strict rules of keto, low carb, and paleo, so you’re not giving up your social life. Because we believe getting a ripped physique is easier if it’s something you enjoy doing.

The Simple Meal System gives you how much you need to eat for your body type, delicious fat-burning meal recipes, and even sauces to dress up your meals any way you like. And more importantly, how to incorporate the foods you still love without setting you back.

You will get the exact steps to follow to make nutrition dead simple so you can follow it, even when you’re busy, even when you have days you’re unmotivated, and even when you don’t know the first thing about nutrition.

Best of all, when you add this to your Jump Rope Program, you’ll experience as much as 10 pounds of fat shredded off your body in less than 4-weeks. Just like the hundreds of JRD Nation members.

Finally! A Program You Can Do Every Day Without Giving Up Everything.
When we followed this new system we noticed:
 We were able to create meals that were delicious, but that were also fast to prepare even when our lives got busy.
 We saved time because we had a flexible system that allowed us to eat 2 - 4 meals/day while getting all the calories, macros, and micronutrients we needed. 
 It sped up the fat burning process by narrowing down how much calories and protein, fats and carbs we needed per day. 
 We didn’t have to keep thinking about what to eat, when to eat and how to eat, using a system to easily track it to see if we hit our calorie goals.

 It cleared our heads of nit-picky details and confusion, which other diet strategies use, with a simple checklist we can use anytime and anywhere.
 It made eating at restaurants because knew what we could have without setting us back.
 We learned how to mix and match recipes and sauces, so we’re constantly trying to think of what we can do to make each meal tasty and delicious.

And as a bonus... after following this program for years, we found balance to keep burning fat while being able to still hang out with our friends for food and drinks. 

Our bodies started getting the V-cut shape, we started seeing the cutlines, and our abs became more visible each week.

We had to share this system with JRD nation because this is easy, efficient, effective, and fun to #DoTheThing every day!
 Transformations Proven By JRD Nation (And us.)
Our Community members have experienced insane results combining the JRD Nutrition System with the Workout Plans.
Check out a few of the transformations below (including us)...

Zen Dude Brandon
Zen Dude Dan
Here’s The Full JRD Nutrition System Breakdown
Design Your Personal Plan
Using our custom-built calculator, you’ll be walked through how to personalize your plan based on how active you are, and your weight and body type.
Customizing the calories and macros specific to you will give you the right amount of protein, fats, and carbs your body needs to shred fat fast.

12 Ways To Cook Protein & Veggies
Most nutrition plans tell you the what and how to eat. But nothing on how to prepare protein so it’s tender and has flavor!

And veggies, although they’re important, most people think they have to be steamed and tasteless. We’ll show you how to cook it, so everything’s not overcooked and tastes awesome.
30 Easy And Delicious Meal Recipes 
Crafted meal recipes that are calculated down to the calorie and macros. We developed quick recipes to prepare.

 And if you like variety, there’s enough for 3 different meals lasting for 10-days straight. With the vast meal combinations, you’ll be shredded before you get bored of the meals.
30 Boredom Killing Sauces & Marinade Recipes 
To this day, we still use the JRD Nutrition Program that you’ll be using. Because sauces and marinades beat the flavor fatigue of boiled chicken and steamed broccoli!
We’ve added sauces and marinade recipes to make variety easy and isn’t loaded with ingredients that can stall your fat loss like the store-bought brands.

In-Depth Nutrition Walkthroughs Of The Plan
Full video walkthroughs going through each portion of the program, so your crystal clear on what you need to #DoTheThing.

How To Live In Balance With The JRD 70/30 Rule
Getting shredded doesn’t mean you have to give up foods you love...and alcohol. And to be honest, we could never stick to a long-term nutrition plan if it meant giving up our favorite foods and having to diet all the time. You’ll learn the thinking process on how to make decisions when you’re out to eat or hanging with your friends, so you can still enjoy life while getting lean.

Fail-Proof List Of On The Go Foods When Traveling
We even compiled a comprehensive list of foods and bars you can buy wherever you are that won’t set you back!
Quick & Tasty Fat Burning Smoothie Recipes
We get it— life gets busy. So we included fat-burning smoothies you can make in minutes for the days you don’t even have time to sit down and chew
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Now Here’s The Jump Rope Dudes Promise To You
Our promise to you is, you will enjoy the process of getting lean if you follow the guidelines in the JRD Nutrition Program. If you stay consistent, you will see results.

If you followed the program for weight loss specifically, and logged your food for 4-weeks but haven't lost at least 10 pounds. Then we'll give you a 100% refund. We just need to see the meals logged using the app outlined in the program.

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